Voravan Tarapoom

Voravan Tarapoom currently holds the position of Chairman of the Executive Board of BBL Asset Management Co., Ltd. She is widely recognized for her vision and performance in the country’s capital market.

Over the past several decades Before joining BBL Asset Management, Voravan Tarapoom accumulated 20 years of professional experience in the fields of IT, finance, banking, securities and capitals.

Her knowledge, ability combined with experience and excellent management skills led to a remarkable growth path in the capital market. In 2002, she joined BBL Asset Management Co., Ltd., holding the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) until 2016.

Under her 14-year leadership (2002-2016) as the company’s CEO, Voravan has driven the fund industry and capital markets as a whole in which she holds important leadership positions such as President of the Investment Management Company Association, Chairman of the Capital Market Business Council and is a director in various committees of the SEC, IOD among many others. As a result, Voravan, who resigned from the position of CEO of the company at the age of 60, has risen to the highest position of the organization today as the Executive Chairman of BBL Asset Management until today, almost 8 years in total (2016-2024).

Voravan has served in various important positions and prioritize knowledge sharing, providing correct financial understanding to investors and the general public (Financial Literacy) in order to create financial discipline in the family, invest well, and have a correct financial attitude. When a family is strong and happy, there will be peace in the society and the nation will truly progress in a stable and sustainable way.

One of the differences Voravan brings is her leadership in proposing plans and performing a number of tasks in the capital market sector. Whether it is the establishment of the BKIND fund, which is the first mutual fund that take into account ESG or environment, society and governance in Thailand with donation of 40% of the income from the fund’s management fees to ESG Philanthropy Mutual Fund. The consideration and selection of projects for money donation are conducted in a transparent and open manner. They have also pushed for many asset management companies in the fund industry to launch a Thai Good Governance mutual fund which will invest only in Thai companies with good governance. Every fund are also required to cooperate in donating 40% of the fund management fee to various projects with the goal of developing good governance in the capital market or combat corruption in the country

Both BKIND fund of BBL Asset Management and Good Governance Mutual Funds of various asset management companies have built reputations and admiration for the Thai capital market and the global stage. The CSR Works International, Singaporean organization specializing in strategic and sustainability consulting, presented the “Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen Award 2019” at Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore, selecting only women from Asia who have excelled in promoting and supporting sustainability Especially those with new initiatives that has improved business sector and global society. Voravan Tarapoom is one of the female executives from only 17 countries who stand out in this area and was selected to receive the Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen Award 2019.

This is considered the success and pride of the Thai financial and capital market business with knowledgeable and capable personnel. Both have received international praise.

At present, in addition to performing her duties as Chairman of the Executive Committee of BBL Asset Management, Voravan also holds important positions at various institutions such as

  • Honorary Chairman, Association of Investment Management Companies
  • Honorary committee member, Thai Financial Market Committee, Bank of Thailand
  • Director and Executive Committee Anti-Corruption Organization (Thailand)
  • Arbitration, Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Director, Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited.