Suphattakit Jetthaveekij (Tena)

2018: Chinese Economy&Business Program, Fudan University, Shanghai China
2006-2010: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Second class of honor
Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, International Program, Thammasat Business School

2019-Present: News Anchor SQUAWK BOX, JKN-CNBC, GMM25
2011-Present: Moderator for Financial and Investment related Events & Seminars
2011-2018: News Anchor & TV Host, Money Channel

  • มือใหม: Introducing investment knowledge to investors
  • Insight Inspire: Interview executives about their success story and business vision
  • เจาะแก่น VI (Partnered with Thai Value Investor Association) :Present Value Investing concept through case study via interviewing well known value investor
  • Invest Like a Tiger (Partnered with Maybank Securities): Interview industry GURU to find investment opportunities in the future
  • Wealth Connect (Partnered with Apple Wealth Securities): Suggest an investment strategy for investor
  • Asset Supermarket (Partnered with KASSET): Interview fund manager and product team to help them convey important message to the potential clients.
  • เงินทองไมต้องเครียด (Partnered with BBLAM): Provide financial literacy & Fund-investing concept
  • Stock Signal (Partnered with Bualuang Securities): Present Technical Investment Strategy, ETC

2008: Master of Ceremony of Thammasat University