Itthipol Samutthong

Itthipol Samutthong is an experienced and inspirational runner who is a part of Kao Kon La Kao team. Hailed from Surin province, Itthipol has been in Thailand’s running circle for more than 30 years when there were few to none official marathon events in the country.

Began merely as a hobby, now his running portfolio consists of major running events not only in Thailand but around the world from New York Marathon, Tokyo Marathon to Boston to Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, regarded as the ultimate trail running event of the world.

Itthipol gained widespread recognition after taking on the role of support runner for Artiwara Kongmalai (Toon) during the latter’s Kao Kon La Kao project, a running project across the country to raise fund for 11 hospitals nationwide that covers 2,215 km. within 55 days.

He is an administration of the Facebook group named “42.195k Club เราจะไปมาราธอนด้วยกัน” (42.195 We Will Go To A Marathon Together) with a goal to persuade people to maintain a healthy lifestyle through running. His Facebook group boasts more than 136,000 members, one of the most active running communities in Thailand.

He also has experiences of hosting a Thai PBS program “Fit Pai Duay Kan” (Fit Together) with content related to exercise and healthy lifestyle.